Waiting for PWN

抖个机灵.. 别PWN我 QAQ..

Where there’s a shell, there’s a way, kinda beautiful.
And every client has its server, so magical
And if there’s backdoor in this website, there’s no obstacle
That can be hacked

For every pwn a tear for the vulnerable
In every lost server the virus of an uncareful
For every hacker a shell we’re unstoppable
With something to inject in

Monday left me broken
Tuesday I was through with rebooting
Wednesday my empty ports were open
Thursday waiting for pwn, waiting for pwn
Thank the stars it’s Friday
I’m burning like a mining machine on Saturday
Guess I won’t be sending to trash can on Sunday
I’ll be waiting for pwn, waiting for pwn
To come around


:D 一言句子获取中...